Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

11th Grade Drama Homework

For Monday, May 13:
*Memorize the next part of the Hamlet speech COMPLETELY: 

Now this overdone, or come tardy off, though it make the unskillful laugh, cannot but make the judicious grieve, the censure of the which one must in your allowance o'erweigh a whole theatre of others. 

Email Ms. P if you have questions re: the following (
Find a partner or two over the weekend, if you were not in class today (Friday)
and get to work on your project for next week (you will not be given an extension).
The information below was distributed in class today: 

~ Dramasaults ~
A.K.A. Elizabethan-Contemporary Insult-Combat Scenes
Ø  Work in pairs or threes

Ø  Remember: SAFETY FIRST when it comes to stage combat

Ø  Language is ESSENTIAL! Really getting your mouth around your words and enjoying the language – especially the insults is key. You must be loud and clear enough to be understood, and try bringing a sense of play and fun to ALL the words you use (even if you are “angry”).

Ø  Your scene may be set in modern times with contemporary themes or set in another historic period with more traditional themes. Take a few minutes to see what feels most appropriate for you and your partner(s).
ü  _____ Be sure to use the Elizabethan insult that you “created”

ü  _____ Incorporate at least one of each type of combat move you learned:

Be sure to rehearse your stage combat in slow motion first and be sure to ALWAYS make/keep eye contact with your partner(s).

-         Round-house punch
-         Slap
-         Hair Pull

ü  _____ Each person in the scene must have at least four (4) lines, and up to six (6) max.

ü  _____ Lines MUST be written in iambic pentameter (though two characters may        share a line).

ü  _____ Your scene must have a premise, conflict, and a resolution, with clear-cut characters/relationship

ü  _____ Voice (projection/diction) and staging (cheating in/out, refraining from upstaging)

ü  _____ At some point in your scene, one of the characters must address the audience, using repetition of a word three times, or by making three points, so that he/she utilizes the “apron” stage (the current platform we now have), just like in an Elizabethan theatre.

ü  _____ “Scripts” must be TYPED and copied so that each person in the “team” has one to work with over night.  One extra copy must be made/given to Ms. P as well, the DAY BEFORE PERFORMANCE. Scripts MUST BE MEMORIZED.

Please work creatively, productively and efficiently!

Iambic Pentameter has:
·         Ten syllables in each line
·         Five pairs of alternating unstressed and stressed syllables
·         The rhythm in each line sounds like:
ba-BUM / ba-BUM / ba-BUM / ba-BUM / ba-BUM
If mu- / -sic be / the food / of love, / play on
Is this / a dag- / -ger I / see be- / fore me?

Split Verse/Shared Line:
Juliet:           What man art thou that thus bescreen'd by night
                         So stumblest on my counsel?

Romeo:                                                                By a name
                        I know not how to tell thee who I am.

Feminine Ending/Irregular Line:
To be, / or not / to be: / that is / the ques- / -tion

*Also: okay to begin with a stressed rather than an unstressed syllable, if need by –
Gallop/ apace/ you fie/ry foot/ed steeds

You will be given part of Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday’s classes to work on this, BUT YOU MUST ALSO FIND TIME TO WORK ON THIS OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL!
*Be sure to pick a responsible person from your pair/trio to type up the script and get it to Ms. P by the deadline:
Script Due: Wednesday, May 15
Performance: Thursday, May 16